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Some Questions

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Some Questions
As I feel gossamer mail very interesting I think of buying the product - I have a few questions before I purchase the program.

1. Will the WAP module work wirh GSM telephones i Europa?

2. Is it posible to have users have an alias acount with gossamner mail and also be able to chek their others pop acounts from this acount?

Best regards - Gorm Friborg

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1) If those phones are WAP enabled, then yes, it will work.
2) As Alex has mentioned in some recent Threads in this forum and other GMAIL Forums, GT is working on a POP lookup feature. It may be available in the next version.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Some Questions In reply to

1. Most likely yes. I would recommend going to:


on your phone. If you experience any problems, let us know and we'll investigate. We have yet to hear of any compatibility problems with the templates.

2. Yes, users can add Remote POP accounts and check their other accounts from within Gossamer Mail.



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