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Presales questions GM

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Presales questions GM
Hi Support

I would like to purchase Gossamer Mail(GM), but before I do that I would like to ask a few questions.

1. I have prepared some templates that represent how I want GM to look. These template utilise frames. Will GM work in a framed environment.

2. The site will cater for the UK vistors. Can GM be configured for use in the UK? i.e. date format dd/mm/yyyy, state -> county etc.

3. I want to make sure that the Web base email site is viable before I get a dedicated server. So I am going to host the site virtually first off. Can data be easily transfered to a new server?

4. To give me an idea, approximately how many accounts can be stoed in 100Mb of MySQL.

5. How do you rate your software and support compared to other that are on the market?

6. How often do your update GM?

7. What is your upgrade policy with GM?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to doing business with you.


Michael Beck[/url]
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Re: [Stoosh] Presales questions GM In reply to

1. Yes, Gossamer Mail will work in a framed environment. It's all a matter of customizing the templates. For instance, there is no extra code to have Gossamer Mail work with cell phones (WAP), it's just a different template set.

2. Yes, you can customize the date format in the admin area.

3. To transfer a site you must: shut down the site, copy the entire program and the sql database to the new server, update a few paths in the batch scripts. You also need to deal with moving the mail delivery from one server to another. It's not the easiest thing to do, but shouldn't be a show stopper.

4. Is the 100megs for just database? I wouldn't recommend over 1,000 active accounts.

5. Going to be a biased answer, but... we consider our programs to be technically better (in terms of program design and code) then any other perl based solution. We don't yet have the best templates, but are working hard on improving that. For support, read through some of our user comments.

6. Typically two to three times a year.

7. It's shown on our license page. With the standard version you get free upgrades for one year.

Let me know if you have any other questions,


Gossamer Threads Inc.
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Re: [Alex] Presales questions GM In reply to

Its nice to find a "Frame" user for GM. Umm I thought I was all alone. Not now for sure....Smile


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