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Questions asap please

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Questions asap please
Hi guys,

1) Is the Vbulletin plgin free? If not how much? If free how many plugins are currently available?

2) Is it compatible with Vbulletin 2.2.5?

3) How does log in/signup work when shared accross GM + Vbulletin?

4) How many accounts can Gossamer Mail typically handle? The server is dual p3 733, 512 Ram.

5) Is it possible to mass mail the user's webemail address AND/OR the one they gave when they signed up?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: [NicNic] Questions asap please In reply to

1. Yes, it's free.

2. I believe so, the last time I worked with it on a client was on 2.2.2. You shouldn't have any problems with 2.2.5, but if you do, we'll definitely help you get it working.

3. With the vb plugin, there is no longer any signup in Gossamer Mail. You can specify in the plugin if you want all vb users, or only users in ceartain vb groups to have access to mail. Then, you just point your user to webmail.cgi and if they are logged into vb, they go straight into their mail. If they are not logged in, it redirects them back to the vb login.

4. We've had installations on a single machine with over 130,000 users. If you are planning a large site, the most important thing is a good disk drive, with a lot of space.

5. From within the program you can massmail their webemail address. There is no built in way to mass mail their signup address (in fact that email isn't stored in the system with the vb plugin, it's in vBulletin).

Hope this helps,

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