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Integration with outside html page

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Integration with outside html page
Hello! I was wondering if it is possible to show "new message" messages in an outside page... for example:

Members enter the site through a sql based authentication system and enter a "interactivetools.com article manager" page... could there be a way to show them if they have new email messages in that page? (authenticate at the same time with gossamer mail and check for new messages)

It would be excellent if this could be done...

Another question:

Is there a way to make gossamer mail work in an "intranet" fashion? (so only mail from my domain name gets received?)

Thanks! Eugenio
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Re: [ecamty] Integration with outside html page In reply to

Yes this is possible. Have a look at:


for an example of a php script that does this. If you are using a perl application like Article Manager, it would be very easy to query the database to see if the user has new mail (just a matter of putting together the query).

As for the intranet, not off hand, by default all incoming email is accepted. You may want to do the mail filtering on the mail server level instead though.


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