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How many users per hosting plan?

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How many users per hosting plan?

I am looking at the hosting options and from what I read from other posts I understand that,

(a) all logos and links back to you are not required.
(b) that if you chose the hosting option you do not have to purchase the mail program as it is part of the hosting cost.

So am I correct on (a) and (b) and for my other question,

(c) How many email account holders per hosting plan. If I were to go with Shared Hosting Plan A for $75.00 200 MB space and 4 GB Transfer how many people would this be good for based on your average user and email sizes that (s)he recieves/sends. 10, 100, 1000?

Thanks for your input.

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Re: How many users per hosting plan? In reply to

a. Correct, always appreciated, but never forced for paid products. =)
b. Probably Correct - This does not apply to plan A or B, but rather C, D and dedicateds.

c. It depends on your server usage more then number of users. We will warn you when you are starting to use too many resourcses and need to get moved to a dedicated server. If you are planning more then 1,000 users to start, I would definately consider a dedicated server to start.

Hope that helps,


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