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How adequate or inadequte?

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How adequate or inadequte?

I have signed up for a ded server of following specs:

Dual CPU 933 Mhz, RAID1 60 GB HDD, 2GB RAM, 80GB/Mo bandwidth (OS Immunix Linux). A 4GB Portal of ours shall be hosted on this and the rest would be free for GM. This Portal shall take about 40% RAM for an intrasite search engine. Questions are:
  1. How many users with 20MB Mail Box can this take care of presuming that HDD can be upgraded to take care of space needs and we gradually move to RAID5 (from RAID1)
  2. When would it be necessary from performance point of view to move to a separate database server? What hould be the specs of a database server (MySQL)
  3. While switching to (2) what would be the charges for doing it?


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Re: [anup123] How adequate or inadequte? In reply to

1. The number of users depends a lot on the type of users you have (how active, how much spam, any spam filters, etc). For a real world example, a site with 60,000 users and 1 MB of space requires about 40 gigs of email space, and 5 gigs of sql space.

2. The only answer here is it would be neccessary when the load gets too high. =) For a database server, you want a fast disk drive, and lots of ram.

3. If you wanted us to do the move for you it would probably be 200-300.


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