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HiveMail v Gossamer Mail

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HiveMail v Gossamer Mail

What is the real differences between HiveMail & Gossamer mail?
Other than the prices of course. :)

I need a email script but need a good one?


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Alex: Nov 27, 2003, 11:36 AM
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Re: [milljea] HiveMail v Gossamer Mail In reply to
Just tested Hivemail demo and have following comments:

As Compared To GMail
  • It's definitely slower under identical network conditions. A three message demo takes longer to load than my 25 message page. Could be the server confihg has a role here but i suppose Hivemail demo is being hosted on a server with a lot of juice. And No it cannot be number of users when there are only 16 registered users in demo.
  • The interim redirection pages with every action are irritating. In fact that would drive many crazy.
  • The operations at message level thru drop down menu could be a pain. Accidental selection (just could happen from practical point of view) of wrong action from the drop down menu could defeat the very action that u were intending to.
  • Not flexible in terms of templates. For example a lot could be done with globals/plugins etc etc in GMail
  • That message preview pane if enabled eats up 30% of your available screen space just displaying a single line message till you select a message.
  • Do a multiple select of the messages and see what happens when u unselect one message.
  • Multiple navigation steps to complete a desired action as compared to GMail
  • Address Book seems a bit too pruned up.....
  • Compose page loads to slowly.
  • There is No Support for WAP in Hivemail.
  • Navigational efficiency is better in GMail.
  • Hivemail forum seems less active.
Seems like template style is based on inviso board forums ;)

On Features which are not there in GM:
  • Calendar
  • Address Book Import/Export
  • Database Backup -- This though can be done from ssh
  • anti spam key or something. But not many would use it. At least i would always tend to forget using it when sending more than 30 mails per day.

A full blown comparison can opnly be made after spending hours (or possibly weeks) on both the demos and then jotting down on point by point basis.

Price: No comments. It's more the percieved value rather than the actual price tag.

Conclusion: It's left for you to decide Wink


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anup123: Nov 27, 2003, 11:27 AM