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Free or Paid Email

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Free or Paid Email

Is their a way I can Use Gossamer Mail Whereby I can have 2 different type of email accounts for visitors?

Whereby one is free and the other is paid with more features like pop access etc?

Where I would be able to separate the features for both?


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Re: [Coralwave] Free or Paid Email In reply to

We are currently working on the next release which will support a pretty robust payment system (similiar to what you see in Gossamer Forum). It will allow you to easily integrate payments with Paypal, Authorize.net, Worldpay, and others.

I don't want to give a date on this, but it is currently in development, and won't be too long.


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Re: [Coralwave] Free or Paid Email In reply to
To expand on what Alex wrote,

We do have some users right now doing exactly what you are asking about. All free users get say 2 megs of space and are not allowed to forward email to another account and do not get POP access to their mail.

However, once a user has paid, you can enable POP access, the ability to forward, and add space to each particular account individually.

The difference between the current users who take that approach and what we're working on right now is that payment will be very nicely integrated in the new system. Up till now, we've pretty much built in payment support as a custom job for each client, but non-real-time systems like Paypal are not difficult to build in, they're just not very reliable as 3 days later, you could get an email from Paypal saying that the money you thought you'd received has been withdrawn.

If you can wait for the new version, it will have payment support along with other features built in, but if not, let me know and we can perhaps put together something custom for you.

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Re: [Jack] Free or Paid Email In reply to
Hello Staff :

When will the next version (paid/free features,etc) be ready. I have not yet started my site; but currently working on the current version(2.1.1). Do you think its better to wait for the new version?

Tnank you, peter curran

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