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I took a look at the demo of the program and sent an email to the program. When I clicked to forward the email it allows me to specify what email address that I can foward it to, now my question is as follows;

Is there a way during the sign up process for an account to have the signing up member specify a forwarding email address and have the program so that when the forword option on an email is clicked that it defaults to that email address and that email address can not be changed. A better option would be to have it so that the email in the account can only be sent to a specified folder on the members computer and not to another email address.

Is this possible, looking forward to your response.

One more question that came to mind for the statistics under the admin functions is the stats for incoming and outgoing emails a total of all user and for how long do the stats stay there running total since start are cleared after a certian time?

Also how is an outgoing email message counted in the stats. When composing a message and you place mulitple email address, say 3, does that count as 3 outgoing messages since it is going to 3 different address or is it counted as 1 message since it was sent from a single email compose function.
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Re: Fowarding In reply to

1. No not built in, but it would be a simple modification to accomplish this.

2. The stats are a total. We will look at enhancing this to be able to query them for a specific date range.

3. It's counted as 1 message.



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