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Domain names

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Domain names
If I purchase GM how will be the setup of domain names?
I have a dedicated server that only runs Mail server and Web server but not DNS.
I have the DNS management with a ISP that cheaply provide me the domain and the creation/modification of DNS record...
So it's a matter of creating new DNS records, changing a file or what? Smile
The one with Mac OS X Server 10.4 :)
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Re: [maxpico] Domain names In reply to
Hi Max,

As long as you can create a catchall account on your mail server for Gossamer Mail to connect to, that's the main concern. As far as DNS goes, it's quite separate an issue.

If your MX records for the domain are pointing to a different server than your web server, we'll have to point Gossamer Mail at that server, but it's not difficult to do and everything is set from within the admin panel.

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Re: [maxpico] Domain names In reply to
When I set up the domain names for GT Mail on a hosted account, I did the following:
  1. Accessed my domain name registrar and changed the name servers to one provided by my webhost. If the names are currently in use, you may want to contact the webhost first and make sure they are prepared before changing the nameservers.
  2. Contacted my webhost and had them set up my account to host multiple domain names. For me this was $20/name and each domain name then comes with a default email address like yourname@yourname.com or mymail@mymail.com This default email address is the catch all account that is referenced in GT Mail discussions.
  3. Set up GT mail (Setup>Incoming Email)to access these default email accounts by specifying the account type, server, username and password.


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