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Can The Enlightened Enlighten Me Plzz

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Can The Enlightened Enlighten Me Plzz

I would need to be enightened upon the comparative advantages of GM over @mail because they seem to be agreeing to match the price of GM (Standard version) for their @mail WAP configuration. Now that means a slashdown in quoted price by 70%. I am confused and would need to be enlightened on the advantages of GM....

Can someone plzz help me on that.

Thnx in advance
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Re: [anup123] Can The Enlightened Enlighten Me Plzz In reply to

Just checked the @mail pricing structure. Now 70% off from the 1800 would mean that are they offering the @Mail WAP Version at less than $ 600 to you. Is that so. Can you please lemme have yr email address. if possible contact me at mnarang@consultant.com @mail has certain features which (as per what i read) are not there on GM like SMS to email and email to sms feature, a cleaner and impressive page layout and they have built in support for Outlook and Eudora (which requires 500 extra at GT).

The choice has to be yours coz every provider will just blow his own trumpet. And to trust on net is as speculative as the stock mkt...


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Re: [anup123] Can The Enlightened Enlighten Me Plzz In reply to

Some things you may want to consider:

User Limit: there is no built in user limit in Gossamer Mail. You can have as many users as you like.

Scalability: Gossamer Mail can grow as your site does. We have an install with over 75k users, and 1.5 million messages, and getting an average of 120 messages a minute.

Flexible authentication: we can integrate Gossamer Mail easily into an existing user database. Plugins exist to add Gossamer Mail to a vBulletin or WWWThreads forum right now. You will also be able to integrate Gossamer Mail into any of our existing products.

Backed by an established company: We've been around since 1995, and have 15 people working here. We have a wide product base, and a large user community. We have programmers and designers available if you need to customize your installation.

Hope that helps!


Gossamer Threads Inc.
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Re: [Alex] Can The Enlightened Enlighten Me Plzz In reply to
Hi Alex,

It would help me to prepare a Techno Commercial Comparision Chart surely.



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