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A few quick questions

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A few quick questions
Hello there. I (and my users) are extremely interested in this product so I had a few questions I need answering first.

First of all, I have a pretty nice sized UBB.threads community, and I remember a few months ago the wwwthreads module was released and was said to work for gossamer. I am just curious though, as the .threads system changed a bit with its latest update, from username to userID. So I wonder if this poses any problems with the authentication with gossamer mail or everything works all the same?

Also, being I already have over 1000 members, if I install gossamer and integrate it with .threads, does each user automatically have access to the mail system or do any steps need to be taken to get that setup? Meaning is there any extra admin work I'd have to do when each existing member wishes to start using the mail program?

Lastly, is there a problem to adding the POP module down the road? I do not think we have enough interest in POP functionality right now to warrant the purchase up front, but just wondering if say in 6 months we decide to go that route that once installed and configured it will work just fine with no extra headaches?

I think that is all of my questions for now, thank you for taking the time to answer my requests.
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We haven't tested it with the latest version of ubb.threads. If you purchase a copy though, and can provide us with shell access to the site you are installing the program on, we can tweak the plugin if any changes are needed at no charge.

Once you install the plugin, each user will have access to Gossamer Mail. The first time they access Gossamer Mail, they will need to pick an email address to use (it can't be just their username, as the username may contain spaces, and you may offer multiple domains to choose from). From then on, they can just move in and out of email and ubb.threads seamlessly. No extra admin work is required.

Yes, you can get the POP module at any time and add it in and either give all members, or only selected members access to a their email via POP.

Hope that helps!


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