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A few questions

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A few questions
1. Does Gossamer mail have a stable payment system and if it does, does it include Authorize.net?

Also, if a member registers and pays, does the admin have to physically update that members info or is it automated when the payment is approved?

2. Does it work with the latest release of VBulletin (VB3)? This was a major upgrade so I need to know for sure.

3. I see 2 different POP mail plugins. One is for free (Auth_POP3) and the other is $500 (Pop_Server). My first thought is "you get what you pay for". However Gossamer is offering (essentially authorizing) the free one so I would think it would work fine. Can anyone please let me know?

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Re: [shaffer33] A few questions In reply to
1) Yes, Gossamer Mail does support Authorize.net. It also supports PayPal, WorldPay, Moneris, and 2CheckOut.

The user's account will be automatically approved (unless of course you turn on admin validation) after they have paid.

2) Since we don't have a VBulletin license, we cannot test this. But if the authentication plugin does not work, and you can supply us a login to your server, we can update it so that it does work.

3) The Auth_POP3 plugin is for authenticating against existing pop3 users (like what the Auth_VBulletin plugin does). The Pop_Server on the other hand, allows your users to check/retrieve their Gossamer Mail mail through a regular mail client (Outlook, etc).

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Re: [brewt] A few questions In reply to

Now any chance of someone having an extra POP_Server lying around