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what are templates in compiled for & html editor Q

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what are templates in compiled for & html editor Q
What exactly are the templates in the compiled directory for... I see the explanation at the top, but is it a mod_perl thing or something else. Also, I've been making changes to templates if these compiled ones are the ones used by the system, how do they get updated, when do they get updated for whatever changes I've made???

Also, somewhat related, I've taken out the tags to access the html editor (why - I don't want to support it at the moment, I know people will have questions), but I noticed in the compiled versions there is
if ($self->_get_var(q{is_ie5}, 0, 0)) {
all over the place when I did a find on is_ie5 and now I'm concerned that I haven't really taken out the html editor. Anyone know what the deal with this is? Or is there a better way to make sure it's removed from everything?

One thing I thought of that might get it everywhere, what if I took this line in GMail.pm
unshift @opts, { is_ie5 => ($version and $version >= 5.5) ? 1 : 0 };
and made it something like
unshift @opts, { is_ie5 => ($version and $version >= 55555.5) ? 1 : 0 };
changing the version from 5.5 to 55555.5, figuring the version will then never match
I noticed it also seems to appear in email.cgi, GMail/Admin.pm and GMail/NoAuth.pm so maybe I should change it in those too, then I'd never have to touch the templates.

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JerryP: Oct 4, 2001, 11:07 AM
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Re: [JerryP] what are templates in compiled for & html editor Q In reply to

The template parser will take your html template and turn it into a perl program you can find in the compiled directory. Then each time a template is displayed, it looks to see if you changed the original html file, if not, it will just run the perl code (rather then reparsing the template).

Under mod_perl it will also cache them in memory for even faster results.

if ($self->_get_var(q{is_ie5}, 0, 0)) {

means you have:

<%if is_ie5%>

in your template somewhere. Remove that, and the compiled one will be updated.


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