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suexec install problem ?

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suexec install problem ?
I have been a user of GMail for about a year got a dedicated finally but now for the first time seem to have run into a problem.

When I enable Suexec... the script produces premature end of header errors.

When I disable Suexec... the script runs fine with the exception that none of the directories that are suppose to be chmod for writable are not. So whenever it brings up an error I have to go and chmod them myself, to get past the hurdle.

The Suexec logs give me this...

[2002-09-22 21:22:16]: info: (target/actual) uid: (dahlfami/dahlfami) gid: (dahlfami/dahlfami) cmd: admin.cgi
[2002-09-22 21:22:16]: error: target uid/gid (32005/32005) mismatch with directory (0/0) or program (0/0) or trusted user (0/10)

everytime I try to run with it enabled.

Now I would really like to keep Suexec enabled... so is there a quick fix for this?

I searched the forums and somebody mentioned using /usr/bin/perl -w but when I install the script it won't let me put that in.

Any suggestions or comments.

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Re: [n2972s] suexec install problem ? In reply to
That error is occuring because of file/directory permission mis-matches.

You need to get your host to do a recursive chown/chgrp to make sure everything is correct and then it should work.
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Re: [Paul] suexec install problem ? In reply to
Since I am technically my own host I can do this now the question is how :)

I will look it up but if you could give me a brief description I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.