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stray "user" tags

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stray "user" tags
The <%user%> tag that was, I believe, removed in v2.06 still exists in a scattering of places throughout the templates. A couple have been previously identified.

It also appears to be in the "Admin Notice" e-mail templates, such that the admin notification message just tells you "Gossamer Mail: signed up!", instead of "Gossamer Mail: username signed up!".

I changed it to <%email%>, but is there an alternative on this email template that will just give the username. Can't tell from the tag dump because I think it just gives the tags for the setup page, not the actual email.

Michael Coyne
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Re: [mcoyne] stray "user" tags In reply to

Thanks, we'll get that fixed up! You can put in the email template <%GT::Template::dump%>, but will need to view the email in an html browser to read it. =)


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