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shared mailbox (catchcall) and maildir?

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shared mailbox (catchcall) and maildir?
hello there,

our community uses for a long long time alreeady the GM. - in the meantime we have a new HW as well as a new lnx distri.
i am kindly ask if there is a way to switch from mbx (catchcall) to maildirformat?

as far as i have seen there is no way! to setup the shared account to an maildir account.. because a lot of other domains
running here also which have nothing to do with the gm.

thanks for any answers and suggestions!

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Re: [steger] shared mailbox (catchcall) and maildir? In reply to
There currently isn't support for incoming.pl to parse e-mail from a Maildir, but if I remember correctly, you can get around this by getting your mail server to pass the mail to GMail using pipe mode (eg. using qmail's dot files). You should also be able to switch it to use a catch-all account (depending on your setup).

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Re: [brewt] shared mailbox (catchcall) and maildir? In reply to

thank you for your information!

i just solved it with catching mails via pop3 :) (localhost tcp 110)
of course not the finest solution but seems to be the only way.

thanks anyway!