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problem with gpop.pl

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problem with gpop.pl
hello there,

for some unknown reason within the last weeks i have to restart the gpop.pl process.

running the gmail with gpop.pl on an debian box, while connecting to the designated port
following error appears:

xxx:/home/steger# telnet localhost 110
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
-ERR Max Connections

what could the reason for that? - the service was running for a long long time without a any problems.
as i said just a manual kill and start of the deamon was helping.

i have seen after watching a spec. time following error:

speedy_backend[28076]: temp file is corrupt
speedy_backend[28240]: temp file is corrupt
speedy_backend[28250]: temp file is corrupt
speedy_backend[28333]: temp file is corrupt
speedy_backend[28336]: temp file is corrupt
speedy_backend[28339]: temp file is corrupt
speedy_backend[28417]: temp file is corrupt

any known bugs/problems with the gpop.pl in combination with speedy_cgi?
running here the gpop with speedy_cgi

thanks for any help!


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steger: Mar 9, 2006, 9:03 AM
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Re: [steger] problem with gpop.pl In reply to
That looks like a speedy problem. Searching google for that error only gives me text from SpeedyCGI's changelog. I'm not sure how speedy stores it's temp files, but have you tried removing them, or perhaps checking your /tmp directory (permissions on the directory itself)?