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pop again
I already posted something similar to this. As far as I know you have to enter user@domain.com to enter your pop account at most mail-servers. As far as I understood gossamer-mail submits user and password but not user@domain.com. Now I am looking for the right place to add the @domain.com. I tried at webmail.pm but it did not work and I donīt know why. Thanks for any help.


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The easiest way to do it would be to open admin/Webmail/POP3.pm and go to around line 73. This is in the subroutine init.
Right after the line:
foreach my $k (keys %h) { $self->{uc $k} = $h{$k}; }

Add somthing like:
$self->{USER} .= '@mydomain' if ($self->{USER});

Where mydomain is the name of the domain that you wish to add on to the end of the users name.



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Such things would be nice if they are integrated in the main Webmail.pm or main config module.