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piped account?

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piped account?
hi there!

everything seems to be work fine now on my testbox.

i have tried to switch to the piped mode.

the piped mode means probably to send all incoming mails to incoming.pl

when i try to switch to incoming.pl following error apperas on the commandline as well
as a cron-job.

A fatal error has occured:
Configuration not valid to run incoming.pl

Please enable debugging to find more information about this error

so how should be the piped-mode to the default account look like?

i have setup following:

webmail: "|/path/to/batch/incoming.pl"

is that wrong ?

thanks for your help



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Re: piped account? In reply to

If you are using piped mode (which is not recommended for heavy loaded sites), then you must pass in the email address as the first argument to incoming.pl.



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