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need really help got a headache!!!

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need really help got a headache!!!
hi!i got a big headache with this!
sorry fot the basic english.im italien!
i will try to explain my problem!
all i want is run gmail local on my computer and then integrate it
with my vbullentin!i want edit the templates at first and at the final
i will send both to the nix server!
im working with windows 2000 and mysql for it!
i had no problem with php and mysql before!
im very new in perl and cgi ........
so i need help!
i added activeperl to my system!
and apache web server (i worked earlier with iss and pws)!
i tried to install the script.
but it failed at first.
it said 'no dbi'! then i searched on the net and found a message about!
then i went to the dos command prompt and i used pmm install dbi
and after that i tried pmm install dbd-mysqlpp (there is no other dbd there for mysql)!
i tried this several times.and there was a message dbi and dbd-mysqll were installed!
and the script finished the first step.(it asked me for the patch for sendmail and
there is no sendmail script beacuse im working with win2000)so i found sendmail for
windows on the net and i have given this path (c:\sendmail\sendmail.exe)
all whas ok.but i got now in admin.cgi this message:
Error: Database driver mysql is not installed. Available drivers: ExampleP,Proxy,mysqlPP

i tried to install dbd-mysqlpp several times.no failure it is installed!!!
what can i do now!!!!!!!
im very new!and need really help!is there a version for windows????php?????
looked around searched everywhere!there are a lot of messages about but im ver desperade!
i downloaded dbd-mysql earlier versions and they are all on my destkop but i cant install them.
because there isnt a install file all i see is a makefile.pl and when i doubleclick my
perl editor opens.i tried to extract the folder to my http local folder but when i click
makefile.pl in the explorer window then comes a download window!!!
uuuuu!cgi is very very hard!had no problems with php!