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mysql replication gmail 2.2.0

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mysql replication gmail 2.2.0
I have gmail 2.2.0 installed and working properly and am considering using mysql replication for database backup. I will also be dumping the data regularly but I like the (near) real-time mysql replication feature. I have the master/slave servers setup and the replication process appears to be working properly at this point (limited testing as I'm still developing the overall site around gmail). my question is, are there any known issues with using replication with gmail? in particular, there are known issues with certain functions, as shown here: http://mysql.progen.com.tr/...cation_Features.html

would any of these functions (or any of the other known issues shown above) cause problems or inconsistencies with gmail data on the slave when using mysql replication?

any comments/suggestions/experiences would be appreciated.
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Re: [zeke] mysql replication gmail 2.2.0 In reply to

Yes, I've used replication before on production sites, and Gossamer Mail does not do anything that would interfere with replication.


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Re: [Alex] mysql replication gmail 2.2.0 In reply to
thanks Alex, that's what I was hoping to hear Smile