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mime attachements

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mime attachements
Is there any one template which works better than others with respect to mime attachments?

I'm having trouble with the brewt one in terms of "doing the right thing" of either displaying or downloading. Would it be possible to provide two links to either "view" (if possible, taking an educated guess based upon the type if we can do it inline) or "download" (just stream the type with the appropriate header to the browser?)

In particular, if you try to open a Powerpoint presentation, it doesn't seem to pass the data properly.

Thanks for any and all help and tips!

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Re: [zoherest] mime attachements In reply to
With the brewt template you can save an attachment by clicking on the icon (If you mouse over the image, it should say "Save Attachment"). You can view an attachment by clicking on the attachment name.

I've noticed that the nessa template doesn't have these changes, so I'll have to add it to that template too. Another thing I'm considering is making the tool tip text on the attachment filename to be "View Attachment". Any other things that would make life easier?

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Re: [brewt] mime attachements In reply to
Hi Adrian,

I am using nessa template sets. So kindlty specify which templates need tobe changed and what are the changes needed?


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