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metadot integration

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metadot integration
Hi there.... is there a way to integrate the username/password from GM into Metadot or vice versa?

I'd like to have a user load their customized home page via metadot (or similar program such as slashdot) and have one click access to their email etc.

Has this been done or can it be done?

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Re: metadot integration In reply to
Further to my post, perhaps this is a better approach. Does anyone have a howto or instructions on how to have GossamerMail authenticate against a LDAP server? metadot suppports LDAP so I'm presuming that my best option is to "centralize" the user information on LDAP?

Is there a way to have the "adduser" script output to LDAP? I need a way to let users add themselves via the web still....

thanks in advance.

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Re: metadot integration In reply to

I'm not familiar with metadot, but it is possible with a little coding. The steps to integrate with a remote data source is to:

1. Create a new file called YourAuth.pm in the Webmail/Authenticate directory.
2. Make sure it implements all the functions in the SQL.pm one.
3. Edit Webmail/Config.pm and change auth_type to => YourAuth.

We can do it as a custom job for you. Send me an email with shell access so I can see how Metadot stores it's authentication.



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