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loading globals glitch?

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loading globals glitch?
Having a bit of a problem I hope someone can help with... GM has been modified to run several domains and not use dropdowns, etc... to select the domain or template set... it uses env{http_host} to do all the selecting. Works fine. Almost.

The problem I have is in batch/outgoing.pl. When an incoming message bounces, all the parsing in the bounce is based upon the main domain it runs under, and not the right one for that particular user. I know it's using the right template set because I changed something in that particular set and that bounce.eml is the one that is parsed. So I'm assuming that either in admin/GMail.pm (in sub parse_message) or in admin/GT/Template.pm (in sub parse) that I have managed to make it lose track of the globals file.

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to look or what to change so that my bounces can be bounced using the globals for each domain it's run on.