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incoming.pl problem

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incoming.pl problem
whenever i run incoming.pl it terminates itself at this point
GMail (5805): Inserting message for user (f_syeda@ipaki.com). at /home/adminp/public_html/cgi-bin/webmail/batch/incoming.pl line 778.
GMail (5805): Caught termination signal; finishing current message. Signal again to exit uncleanly at /home/adminp/public_html/cgi-bin/webmail/batch/incoming.pl line 493.
also gmail at our server is causing pop and imap to crash regularly.
would appreciate any help.
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Re: [junaid] incoming.pl problem In reply to
Is your server configured to kill processes if they use too much cpu time, etc? It's not terminating itself, but something else is sending it a SIGTERM or SIGINT.