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incoming.pl not working

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incoming.pl not working
We are not receiving mail, although it worked fine after install.

We did add another pop address (on another domain) for GM to collect mail from, and it was after this that the problem seemed to arise?

We then removed the second domain, just leaving the original domain, and have checked the settings (unchanged), so any clues please?


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robertclarke: Dec 16, 2001, 3:57 AM
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Re: [robertclarke] incoming.pl not working In reply to

The best thing to do is from shell run:

./batch/incoming.pl -v

and see what it prints out. At the very end it should give a status of how many messages were inserted, bounced, etc. If you get an error, it should usually give hints to what is wrong. If everything looks ok, then it's probably the cron job is not running incoming.pl automatically.


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