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incoming.pl --- Can't call method "path"

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incoming.pl --- Can't call method "path"
Hi Alex,

I already run g-mail version 1.15 1-2 month ,
all is ok , but this week i have problem when crontab run incoming.pl get
below message :-----------------

Can't call method "path" on an undefined value at /home/www/email/admin/Webmail.pm line 860, <GEN2> line 61.
cannot call the catchall account.

my catchchall file account at /var/spool/mail/cattchall now have 

after i rename the cattchall file , incoming.pl is ok now, all mail
system is
ok, but now how to send the 24mb mail not yet send mail file ??????


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Re: incoming.pl --- Can't call method "path" In reply to



for a fix. No mail is lost, simply apply the fix, and run incoming.pl, it will go through all mail that is still in your catchall.



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