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image/Logo/banner Editing

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image/Logo/banner Editing
Hello ALL:

Could somebody please help, I'm using Paintshop Pro7:

1)I would like to edit the Gossamer-Banner and replace the word "GossamerMail". How can I do that?

2) Could anyone give a step by step procedure in creating atleast the Banner or any one of the tabs(tabs_grn_point.gif, tabs_brn_point.gif, or tabs_grn_end.gif, etc).

3) Which image editing software is best to use?

Thank you, pcurran
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Re: [pyc] image/Logo/banner Editing In reply to
The only thing I can offer is a few links to tutorials on using PSP and PhotoShop. Creating and editing graphics is way beyond the scope of this forum.

Here ya go:
http://www.gurusnetwork.com/ (Photoshop & PSP)
http://www.handson.nu/ (Photoshop only)
http://development.gurusnetwork.com/links/344/date/ (Links to PSP tutorials)
http://www.ozoneasylum.com/ (no tutorials but a forum of graphic artists and designers. Use this if you have a specific question about a PS or PSP technique)

That should get you started at least.