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formatting/modifying .eml files

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formatting/modifying .eml files
I was wondering if there is some sort of FAQ somewhere on how to format emails that go out in the .eml files. I can see that simple ones like register.eml don't need any headers, but for example I want to modify the welcome.eml, maybe take out the image but keep the html and how do I insert a different image in the email. Also, I noticed that bounce.eml is the only one besides welcome.eml that has content headers but I don't see why that one would be any different than say register.eml Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: [JerryP] formatting/modifying .eml files In reply to

The welcome.eml is quite complex because it includes a logo and is in HTML. You should use the editor to create the emails.

As to the format, they are regular MIME emails, so any resource on MIME should apply. =)


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