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consistency.pl message consistency errors gone

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consistency.pl message consistency errors gone

Thought of sharing this, as i really always wanted to get this error off my back. Backtracking, this following thread formed the starting point:


Though env in GM Admin showed mod_perl(1), but the error above was really due to the mod_perl loading being within <IfDefine HAVE_PERL></IfDefine> so removed that <IfDefine..></IfDefine> and the error as described in thread above was gone.

Then with this gone, thought of again getting back to following thread:

Executed consistency.pl
Purged 60 Messages in Trash Folder from Admin
Executed consistency.pl

No Inconsistency observed.

I know this could be a Apache setup issue but thought of posting this here in relation to above two threads.

The errors are gone. Fine. Posted here so that it probably could be of some value in case what i have done to my httpd.conf file is technically correct.

[EDIT] Purged 450 messages from a test account. No Inconsistency On Message Counts On Disk and DB. Error gone .... QED

Yes It was related to improper server setup (which in any case im leaving and switching over to new provider).

Sorry for having initiated the second thread as noted above... but possibly it was more out of urgency to see the error go....




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