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GT installed the mail script for me yesterday. now i know i only can use one domain name until version 2 comes out.. right?
i got a dedicated server with 3 domains . the main domain is x.com and i set it up to send all mail to my isp e-mail.
i also have domain y.com and z.com which i recently registred for the purpose of using it for web based e-mail.
i gave GT x.com to install the script on but i also asked them that i want to use y.com for the web based e-mail but it seems like new users can sign up under x.com, how can i make users sign up under y.com yet the url for the pages they are viewing is under x.com?

another thing:
since i setup x.com mail to catch all. new users under x.com can send e-mail but can not recieve e-mail. do i need to change the catch all mail?

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