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changing background color of the checked row(s)

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changing background color of the checked row(s)

I would like to change the color of the checked row(s) in messages list in any folder. How could that be done?

Thnx in advance

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Re: [anup123] changing background color of the checked row(s) In reply to

I could do this to get the HM styling. The steps involved (all references to template are wrt nessa template template set.)

Step1 Save the following in a new file say row_color_all.js (script taken from http://forums.devshed.com/t35023/s.html).


Kindly See the attachment as there was italicization observedwhen the code was included here.

Step 2: include the following in header_include.htm

<%include row_color_all.js%>

Step3 Editing msgs_list_include.htm

(a) Replace CheckAll(this) with checkUncheckAll(this)

(b) within <%loop msgs_list%> in the first occurrence of <tr....>

add <tr id=<%msgtrack_id%>.......>

and then have the checkbox row <td></td> replaced with following:

<!-- checkbox row -->
<td width="10" class="msgs_list"><input type="checkbox" name="msgtrack_id" value="<%msgtrack_id%>" onclick="rollRow('<%msgtrack_id%>',(this.checked)?chkColor:unchkColor)"></td>

Save The Template.

Do similar changes to the msgs_threaded_include.htm template.

Save The Template.

---Finished ----

The msgs_list.htm has that "CheckAll" script which in fact is an extra bit of code in the nessa template and i kept on trying the above script included in the msgs_list.htm which never showed up in the source. Thanx to Charlie@Chaz for suggesting to include in header_include.htm

Check for the working from your account.


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