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change passwords

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change passwords
I know this isnt the smartest of ideas, but how could I setup a query string to change the users passwords. Heres what I got going on. On my website they have a logon where they enter their username password to gain access. Then in order to access the email the site passes a query string on to Gossamer Mail to logon. So they dont have to retype their username and password because its the same as the one they used to logon to the site. Now I want to be able to do the same thing if they want to change their password. That way they can change it on the main webpage and then it will automatically change it in Gossamer-mail. Any ideas. Thanks.

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Re: [jmurray] change passwords In reply to

Easiest thing to do is change the submit form on the change password template from METHOD="POST" to METHOD="GET". Then try changing your password and look at the URL.


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