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can't register user (internal server Error)

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can't register user (internal server Error)
Hi Forum,

When I try to register my first user (1 for testing purpose) I get the following error on my Cobalt Raq with user.cgi only after the form is submited with login pass and email :
Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Your administrator may not have enabled CGI access for this directory

of course CGI is availble as for the rest of the script -everywhre on the site-

What I've tried without success :

-turn nph-header to on (was previously off)-->same result + I can't build anymore ; so put it back to off

-sendmail is working OK as I can send email to a testlist and works

-I tested all scripts in the installed directory by accessing them directly (strange in that directory there is no default index.html page so everyone see all ... Shocked) so on the same dir :

add.cgi browser.cgi jump.cgi modify.cgi page.cgi page.php rate.cgi review.cgi search.cgi suscribe.cgi are working

Same error as previous : ChangeInfo.cgi (but maybe should not be called directly)

so please any clue ... as without users is linksSQL not so friendly Unsure



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