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aliases problem

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aliases problem
I think this is a problem, but I'm not 100% sure yet, I'm still trying to figure it out. Here's the scenario. In virtusertable I have set up an alias for a username, like this
name@domain.com alias1
Then in the aliases file I have set up this
alias1: localacct, user@anotherdomain.com
anotherdomain.com is the domain I'm setting up to run the webmail on, and the localacct is a local pop mailbox where mail should regularly go. I'm setting this up so if for example I'm somewhere I can't check pop (I know I can use the pop feature in gmail, but let's ignore that for now), that copies of the emails will be still be delivered to gmail. I'm not sure where in the header, if anywhere, this alias would ever get found, even more so when everything is on the same system. But no matter what, the mail doesn't end up where it shoud in gmail. Is this a limitation of the software or a bug? And yes incoming.pl is in cron and the messages are getting delivered to the proper pop accounts. And yes I have run newaliases and my mkvu script which rebuilds the db's for both of these files.
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