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Wishlist: For the furture versions

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Wishlist: For the furture versions

1. Send to their real email address
Is there a way to send emails to their real email address. This is utmost necessary as there may be many reasons to do so. For e.g. if a user did not log in within 90 days then instead of deleting their accounts it would be fair to send them warnings about the possible deletion.

2. Auto Validation
Further, by giving auto validation, admin could make a ramdom check by sending some email later to randomly check their email addresses if they are real addresses, if prefered.

3. Welcome message to real addressVery Important
By giving Auto-Activation or Validation A welcome message could be sent to their real message with login-info. I prefer this as this gives a possibility to check their real email address once and also delivers the login info at the same time like that of lost passwords.

4. Admin sends email to real address
This option could be given next to modify delete buttions.

5. Email staggered: Send to real email addressVery Important

6. Send email to their real address button

Send email to their real address button available, if available, would be nice if it is in admin and search results too.

This could be based on eml templates.

7. definition of Userdomain
It would be nice if userdomain tag is available in the template and also in eml.

8. Centralized system for all GT products

By installing all products in one directory for admin it should never overwrite any of the files.

Centralized system of function calls. That could be used by cross scripts from one to the other.

9. Centralized admin interface
By giving once the path of admin of one installation of other script, it will also insert directly the admin interface and integrate in a manner that it would automatically recognize the two or three.

Even without any of those features listed above and some bugs still may have to appear and rectified, its a brilliant product!