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Why Should This happen

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Why Should This happen

Even after deleting a GM User Account from the Admin Interface, the mail logfiles still show that mails are being delivered to this GM account. The account was deleted as it was a defunct account and was being spammed heavily.

Is this OK?



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Re: [anup123] Why Should This happen In reply to
Email to that account will still get to the catchall account, but Gossamer Mail should bounce it.

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Re: [anup123] Why Should This happen In reply to

This happened to me more than "once".

In many email servers, there is a possibility to install a bounce function. So you could configure bounce on that email address.

Infact, I found a spamming "While the emails were still landing!" and I did install the bounce on that address. After which I could control and delete about 17.000 emails by squirrelmail.

GMail is not or rather was not capable to handle that large ammount of emails, for some funny reason. That did not for sure to do with the processes getting killed due to resource restrictions.

The problem with it was that if an email arrives with very less information, GMail cannot handle!!! I had to get Squirrelmail for the rescue and somehow make it work.

A big bad thing was that until I discovered the fact that Gmail failed eachtime to sort it, every user got that many times an email!!! So everyone got the same email for about 45 - 50 times because thats the number incoming ran and crashed!!! Users fled after seeing the flood in the inbox!!!