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Welcome messages

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Welcome messages

For some reason, updating my Welcome message does not work.

This is what happens:

1) When I edit the welcome message, the changes appear to stick and record normally in the file.

2) However, when a user signs up, they do not receive the edited version. They keep receiving the old version of the Welcome message.

Any idea?

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Re: [Mama] Welcome messages In reply to
See: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...i?post=203411#203411

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Re: [brewt] Welcome messages In reply to
Thanks, Adrian.

It works now.

I have other questions:

1) Sometimes, when an email comes in, above all from messages generated by perl scripts (forums, etc.), its contents are not wrapped to the width of the window or page. The text just keeps flowing to the right, thus deforming the page. Is there a way to make sure that all messages would wrap to the appropriate page width?

2) In a related question, is there a way you guys could ensure that Gossamer would "break" lengthy links without killing the link? Currently, if someone sends a very long link, then the page will become deformed. Ensuring the long links are broken will allow the preservation of the page format.