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I was backing up the data directory when Norton kicked in with a virus warning with one of the files in msgs. Is there any chance of these files infecting the server they're on? Is there any way to virus check incoming messages?



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well msgs contains all the email's and attachments, so i'm pretty sure it'd be possible that the files in there could contain viruses. on the other hand, there should be no way of them infecting the server as 1) they'd have to be open or run, 2) they're mime (or however) encoded and would have to be decoded before they can be ran.

I'm not sure if you can check incoming messages. I remember there was a post a while back asking the same, and Alex was looking into a good solution. Not 100% sure.

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It would be a matter of finding a good third party command line virus checker. I'm sure Norton or Mcafee/NAI have one. With that, it should be pretty easy to either just scan the data directory on a regular schedule, or to modify incoming.pl to scan files as they come in.



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