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Using subdomains

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Using subdomains
I've finally gotten everything working on my primary site!!! Thanks for all the input. Now, I'm trying to get it configured to work with my subdomains, but I'm having a difficult time with the catch-all. Here's what I have:

www.capitalchurch.org & www.capitallifeline.org
The subdomain can be called up with it's own URL but doesn't have it's own POP Mail and resides at /home/stilton/public_html/capitallifeline

I have created POP accounts as capitalchurch@capitalchurch.org which is the default and catchall - and I've created capitallifeline@capitalchurch.org - and that also creates capitalchurch@capitallifeline.capitalchurch.org

I had it working briefly last night, or this morning...but something went wrong and now I just keep getting them sent to outlook when I check mail, or the message just disappears. I have incoming.pl running every minute while I test....

Any suggestions are ALWAYS appreciated!

Perl Hopefull
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Re: Using subdomains In reply to

Try turning off incoming.pl from running every minute, then send an email to the pop account, and run incoming.pl manually and make sure it is catching it.

If it is, then things are ok, and you can turn it back on. If not, you most likely have pop information not configured properly (i.e. incoming.pl can't login, or there is no mail there because it's not a catchall).



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Re: [stilton] Using subdomains In reply to

This path sounds like venturesonline

Actually I have the same problem to setup a pop-account for a subdomain proper.

Did you got it running?

Let me know the trick!


Michael Skaide