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Using frames...

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Using frames...
Dear Support

I want to use frames in my configuration of GM. I can't seem to get my head around this concept. I can set up the frames, but where do I place the files etc.

Could I get a step by step on using frame in GM?

Many thanks

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Re: [Stoosh] Using frames... In reply to
You would place your files in the template directory (data/templates/yourtemplate). If you look at admin/GMail/ConfigData.pm, you'll find a hash:
'templates' => {
'auth_error' => 'error_auth.htm',
'join' => 'join.htm',
'validate' => 'validate.htm',
'join_error' => 'join_login.htm',
'error' => 'error_user.htm',
'register_success' => 'join_success.htm',
'register' => 'join_register.htm',
'notice' => 'notice.htm',
'join_success' => 'join_register.htm',
'template_set' => 'default',
'register_error' => 'join_register.htm',
'login' => 'login.htm',
'logout' => 'logout.htm',
'default' => 'home.htm'
This is a list of the templates you must have, as these are the basic templates that the code will look for. Other than those templates, you can essentially name all your other templates whatever you wish.

To start you off, to convert a non-framed template to a framed template, you'd want to change home.htm to be the frame document, and move the original contents of home.htm to another filename of your choice. From there you would work your way out Smile

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Re: [brewt] Using frames... In reply to
Thanks Brewt

I'm going that have a shot at setting up all those templates tonight Wink