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Upgrade GMail - GList?

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Upgrade GMail - GList?
Are there any plans soon to upgrade Gossamer Mail and Gossamer List? We purchased Gossamer Mail and Gossamer List together for a project and had to put them back on the shelf unused as we were unaware of a limitation.

Most any mailing list program allows you to capture First Name / Last Name as well as other fields such as salutation Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. / date of birth (Happy Birthday John!) etc. Then when sending messages you can insert for example:

We are sending this reminder to alert.......etc. etc.
This makes for a nicely personalised way to communicate with your users.

Gossamer List cannot do this and scotched our plan to insert this data automatically into Gossamer Mail. We had to find something else to handle our list.

We thought people would not want to give us their First Name/Last Name but we are doing about 200 signups a month (low season) with our current mailing list solution.

Best Regards

M Romero
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