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I need to completely uninstall GM because it is not performing as expected and it also make the server to "crash", since the program was installed by Gossamer-Threads I do not know exactly what cron jobs where scheduled (they are the ones that make the server to crash).
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Arturo Sanchez

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Im not sure why cronjobs would make the server crash....how do you know it is them?....What does your error log say?

Anyway your best best is to probably contact GT or Alex directly seeing as they installed it for you.

Paul Wilson.
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Thank you.
The server was working correctly, until GM was installed, then the server (Cobalt) stopped generating the reports and for some reason when it tries to generate the reports (errors, visits, etc) it crashes, and I need to reboot the machine.
Any way also for some unexplained reason I can not have POP user and GM users at the same time (see POP USERS).
The last thing I am going to try is to move the script to another virtual site (mail.mysite.com) this would solve the POP users problem and try to run incoming.pl from login.cgi this should solve the cron job problem, I don't know if I feel like going through all the trouble.
In any case I think Grossamer threads designs great scripts I am a very satisfied user of Links SQL and DBMan and will always recommend them.