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URGENT! Banning users in Gossamer

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URGENT! Banning users in Gossamer
Apart from the "Delete Users" option, I see nothing in Gossamer that allows one to ban users from the email system.

This is a very serious deficiency. I have a few users who use my email service to send out spam. This could result in my IP being blacklisted.

I believe that, at least, Gossamer Mail should be able to:

1) Collect the various IPs from which a users accesses Gossamer.

2) Such IPs should be displayed in each user's account in the Admin area.

This way, in case of proven spam activity, the user's IP could be used by the site Admin to ban this user from the site domain altogether.

Can someone help me achieve this very urgently?

Ideally, the IPs from which a user accesses the Email service should appear in each user's account. So that, if I go to the Users--> List All and click on "Modify", I should be able to see the IPs.

If someone can post the code for this here and instructions as to which files to edit to make this possible, I would appreciate this as I need this very urgently.

A feature for disabling accounts could also be welcome.


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Mama: Jul 9, 2002, 4:39 PM
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Re: [Mama] URGENT! Banning users in Gossamer In reply to
I agree. I have been contacted before by a police division in Florida and a state attorney from Virginia demanding information on users not only sending spam, sending threatening emails and causing enough panic to were people contact law enforcement to take action.