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Time spent supporting email users???

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Time spent supporting email users???
I have thought about using a program like to this to offer free email in lieu of someone like everyone.net and I guess the biggest thing that scares me is the amount of time spent supporting email users' questions and problems and all that... I don't want to, rather can't afford to, spend all day dealing with technical support questions from users. And of course that's the trade off with implementing your own system like this. I realize that with only a few users, it's not an issue, but what happens when there are 1,000 or 10,000. I can see all the questions now...
How do I do this?
How do I stop spam?
Why doesn't this work?
and on and on..

I know this is a new product, but does anyone using this or anything like it (ie, a standalone product not everyone.net or bigmailbox or anything like that) have any info on the amount of spent supporting users specifically on email related stuff.


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That varies with the type of users. If you have a technical site, or a site that is email-savvy to begin with, your time spent with users will be much less than adding this on top of a generic site.

Support is a major issue. The biggest thing you can do is start small, and grow slowly and see what you need to do. Set up a support board, and direct all questions there. Other users will help out (it's the nature of the net).

You can then start posting an FAQ, and "manual" to use the program, that tells people the things you end up telling them over and over again.

The most successful support comes from answering the questions people have about the product. If you've already answered them, then you won't get any support questions (make sense??)

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