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Templates > Gremlins

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Templates > Gremlins
Is it just me, or is it everytime I set a new title under Templates > Globals, sooner or later it always reverts back to "Gossamer Mail".



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I do not have any such problems like you do as I know it is not only the globals one need to change it but at many places.

However, I am so tired of the words Gossamer everywhere, with every trials, and every installations, and checks, and and and that not the word itself but the energy to remove it makes me simply mad.

More over, the word is at many places and one had to make a list of where all over one needs to change it.

I do not understand the reason of globals where one writes and that goes everywhere instead of gossamer!

For e.g. eml templates still contains the Gossamer mail etc instead of tags.

If I change the globals, it appears in the emails, if I then change the email templates, it still is in default template. If I then change the default then it is still there in the simple templates!!!