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Template problem ?

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Template problem ?
Hi, I've right now bought all Gossamer Scripts...and I'm very very happy.

Unfortunally I found a (maybe) problem with Gossamer Mail.

I install it and everything goes fine but I set to use an individual mailbox for each user.

When I use the default templates, the POP mailbox want be checked...but if I switch to the simple template, everything goes ok...so any clue ???


Ok I look in the forum than to the script...
the problem seems to be in the home-main.htm file in the default template.
In that file the tag <%Webmail::get_pop%> is present...but actually that files doesn't seem to be called anyway.
SO I just put that tag in the home-nav.htm file and everything is going ok :D
the only left problem is that i have to refresh page to see the new mails...(first time it just check pop-box)...i think i have to add that tag somewhere in the login.cgi...in the main source of the frame...

Valerio Verde

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Re: Template problem ? In reply to

This is indeed a bug in the template module, we've fixed it locally and will update the program shortly.



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