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Spl Thnx To Charlie @ Chaz For .....

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Spl Thnx To Charlie @ Chaz For .....
Hi Charlie,

Thanks once again for yet another request that you undertook and helped in GM custom job. Few requests earlier that you did were:
  • Customization of Admin File Manager for GM Users to login to their Subdomain Account from within GM. I have Subdomain Hosting integrated with GM.
  • Save To Sent Folder Custom work.

All were special but this one (TEMP ID)was "very special" as it dealt with the First ever post that I made on Forum.

Besides taking care of the same it has also helped me in reducing SPAM as now without a valid 'TEMP ID' and Domain combination, now it is impossible for any one to signup (or I would say the chances are very low). It's a great plugin to GM and would definitely help in having a 'Pre Paid' model of Subscription besides minimizing SPAM submissions.

Thanks once again.

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Re: [anup123] Spl Thnx To Charlie @ Chaz For ..... In reply to
No Problem, Anup. It sure helped me figure out how to work with Plug-ins. I'm glad they both worked out for you.