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Spam assassin , cpanel and Gmail.

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Spam assassin , cpanel and Gmail.

i have been facing problem with gmail in cpanel.

when i enable the spamassassin in My CPanel Gmail couldnt fetch mails from catchall account.

Firstly i enabled spamassassin with spam box(with this spam would be diverted to separate box) and i saw all of the mails pertaining to users in Gmail were being diverted to spambox.

then disabling spambox option in cpanel didnt work out either.

Disabling both worked out.

can anybody help me on this.

i know Gmail has spamassassin included but problem is many of my users havent enabled it also interested in removing high score spams at first layer.

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Re: [junaid] Spam assassin , cpanel and Gmail. In reply to
I think this is something you'll have to talk to your ISP about.